Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Concert and cars, lots of cars

On Thursday, our fourth day in Cuba, we performed our last concert in Old Havana in the Basilica Menor del Convento de San Francisco de Asis. The venue is a gorgeous space with high stone arches that really amped up the acoustics. We performed alongside Coro Entrevoces led by the delightful Digna Guerra. Their repertoire was a great amalgamation of challenging pieces, but what really stole the spotlight was an amazing rendition of a gospel piece led by a soloist who definitely hit a high E at the end! The video posted is the choir singing a Spanish piece we sang together at the end of their concert. They capture it's sweetness so perfectly and made it such a delight to sing with them during our concert :)

Classical Movements, the company that worked with us in planning this trip (as well as the trip to China last summer), has been essential in making this trip both as smooth and enjoyable as possible. They even arranged a surprise for us after our concert by arranging a ride in Old Havana in amazing retro cars for the entire glee club! It's probably one of my favorite moments of this tour - not only is the Habana nightlife stunningly beautiful, but I also think that's the only time I will ever dare to be in a speeding convertible with no seatbelt anywhere near my person. I know, I'm such a risk taker.

Still alive and kicking,
Lisa Zhang
Publicity Chair