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Holiday Season with YGC!

Yale Glee Club always manages to show its best attributes come holiday season. Maybe it's the accumulation of beloved annual events that we look forward to every year, or maybe it's the long sought relief we need during finals prep. Regardless, some of my fondest memories of the Yale Glee Club (and I'm sure this is true for many others as well) come from this festive and incredibly joyful period in our lives.

Last year as a freshman in the Yale Glee Club, the trip to New York was the event that forever sealed my utter adoration for YGC. I had already been completely convinced of YGC's awesomeness at the beginning of the year with Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I mean, honestly, what music lover wouldn't be completely brimming with excitement with that experience? But the combination of being in New York City, one of my favorite places, in the famed Yale Club with such a warm and welcoming audience  made losing a whole day of studying (yes, I was and still am obsessiv…