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Montreal and Burlington Mini-tour 2015!

Wednesday, January 7th, 6:00am. The temperature is about 20 degrees below freezing, and it's still dark outside. The Glee Clubbers who have just returned from their three week respite from the stresses of college life gather in the new Glee Club office for bagels and coffee (as well as orange juice for those who got there early) before heading onto the buses for the six-hour drive to Montreal. Some sleep while others do their DS reading, and all partake in devouring the array of snacks that our tour managers, Jane Strauch and Emma Hathaway, bought especially for the trip. We make a short stop at a rest-stop before continuing to the border, where we get through without trouble. (Although lamentably, we do not receive a Canadian stamp on our passports...definitely a disappointment for some members of the group.)

And so we crossed over into Canada!

When we arrived in Montreal, the first thing we saw was snow. Snow in the streets, snow on the sidewalks (apparently they don't shove…