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10 more years!

This year, not only did your annual Yale Alumni Singing Dinner commence at Commons for the first time in many years, but we collectively all came together to celebrate Jeff and Sean's milestone 10th year helming the Yale Glee Club. As behemoth it is a task to manage such a large and often quite unruly group of undergraduates, Jeff and Sean have managed to bring not only the leadership and presence necessary to run the YGC but also the addition of grace, class, and spirit as the glue that holds each and every member together. In tribute to their spectacular work and influence they've contributed over the past decade, the YGC has dedicated a special video to enunciate just how much we love them. 10 more years Jeff and Sean! And may they be as splendid and flourishing as the past 10!

Special thanks to Julia Myers '12 for creating this video and all the members/alumni who contributed!