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Beijing: The YGC at the Forbidden City!

Yes, I am posting this at 6:00 am, of which I have been uploading videos since 4:30...sigh. Jetlag.

The YGC spent an entire morning at the Forbidden City on Day 2! In a nutshell, we learned from our amazing tour guide Sherri (!!) that the city is basically a stone fortress and that it offers little shade (we learned that the hard way). Enjoy some videos narrated by multiple members of the Glee Club!

Outside the Forbidden City! (camera work by Leah Latterner '14)
Clair Donnelley introduces us to some cool kids in the YGC!

Beijing Day 1: CCOM and YGC!

Why hello again! During our time in Beijing, the YGC got the chance to sing with voice students from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in Beethoven's Ode to Joy, a magnificent piece YGC got to perform last year with Yale Philharmonia! We all had such a great time rehearsing together and also had some free to time to get to know each other. I hope you enjoy the snippets provided below. Thanks in particular to Peter for recording the Ode the Joy rehearsal :)
Ode to Joy pt 1
Ode to Joy pt 2
Ode to Joy pt 3
Ode to Joy pt 4
Some friends and I got to hang out with really cool kids from the CCOM. They showed us to a nearby garden that was actually once part of the wall that surrounded the forbidden city! We even got treated to an early dinner at a local dumpling shop, which was delicious!!

Beijing Day 1: Vocational School

Hey guys! Here are a few videos documenting our outreach event with the Beijing Vocational School. This school is dedicated to providing free education to the children of migrant workers, many of whom without this program would never receive education, become migrant workers, and continue to live below the poverty line. The YGC was so honored and touched to share our love of music and performance with these students, and we wish them the greatest success in all their endeavors!

Entering the school
The students at the vocational school performing - I Can Fly and a Chinese pop song
YGC performing 'Neath the Elms and Raise Your Voices
YGC and Students sing Little Innocent Lamb together!

More to come of our first day in Beijing!