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"Best 24 Hour Tour Ever"

-In the words of Jeff Douma. But I think we'd all agree that our trip to Providence this past weekend for the American Choral Directors Association convention was both a great performing and bonding experience, despite the time constraint. Terrence Chin-Loy '14 writes about our experience:
Which choir has the willpower and drive to wake up by 6 AM and be ready to sing beautifully for a crowd full of scrutinizing conductors at 10 AM? The Yale Glee Club. 
This past weekend, the Glee Club performed at the ACDA’s (American Choral Directors Association) Northeast Conference. Numerous conductors were present representing an even larger number of people from their respective choirs. Performing in a room full of people who knew all about proper cut-offs, correct placement of ‘s’es, and basically every other intricacy of choral singing was a daunting task and we prepared arduously to meet it.
On a beautiful Friday morning, we boarded the buses at 12:30 PM with the intention of leaving at 1…