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Ein Deutsches Requiem (written by Grace Castillo)

Here's a blog post written by a freshman in the Glee Club, Grace Castillo. Read it below!


Even though it had been snowing all day, Woolsey hall was nearly filled on Saturday night. Friends, relatives, and community members were all waiting to hear Johannes Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem. The Glee Club had already performed the piece on our recent tour to Spain, and we were all especially excited to sing it back in our familiar Woolsey Hall with the wonderful supers (alternates), and the YSO.
As we waited backstage, half of the group on the staircase, our tuxes and dresses rustling, I thought ahead to the piece we were about to perform. We had worked hard on each of the seven movements during the last few months in rehearsals, and I was eager to finally share it with the wider Yale community. More than anything though, I was excited to have my relatives, who were sitting in the first balcony, hear the group that had been such a big part of my freshman year.
As we filed onto the rise…

First Day in Spain! (Written by Claire Carroll)

Well, we’re finally here. Since thoughts of sunny Spain were the only thing that got me through midterms, I am a little worried that the reality would fall short of my expectations. As we land in Barcelona I am more tired than excited. The airport, the baggage claim, the mechanized walkways are pretty much the same at JFK. But once we get outside—without sweaters—and see the palm trees, feel the sun, I know my hopes for the trip were not misplaced. We load into buses and take the short drive to our hotel. Outside the window there are ancient arenas next to modern statues, tapas bars next to sushi bars next to Irish pubs. Instead of ice and snow there are trees covered in flowers and elaborate fountains. Our hotel is right in the thick of Barcelona; I’m not sure if it’s in the center, or downtown, or what, but it’s definitely great. Once we check in and get our room assignments we have a couple free hours. Some explore and find caf├ęs the like. A large contingent naps and cleans off th…