Saturday, March 10, 2012


The first stop on our tour was to sunny San Diego! We drove there after a night in LA, stopping on the way to reflect in the breathtaking Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens in Encinitas, and then to sink our toes into the sand for the first time at Coronado Island. Ashby Cogan '14 writes about our first concert of tour: 

After a couple hours soaking up the sun and ensuring a prosperous quarter for the MooTime Creamery, the Glee Club boarded the buses to the First Presbyterian Church of San Diego for rehearsal and joint concert with the Whiffenpoofs.

We speedily rehearsed our program, which included many pieces we had not sung in a while. Among them, terrifyingly, was a 24-part canon we had not performed since December. With fewer than fifteen minutes to review it we ironed out our missed entrances and proceeded through the program.

Pre-concert energy levels varied—personally I felt like the jetlag monster had just scraped me off the bottom of its shoe—but as we got ready to go on and sing the first concert of our spring tour, the excitement was contagious. Being one of the last to go onstage, I listened to the audience applauding for a good sixty seconds; it was a full house.

Pensive glee clubbers in the Self-Realization Gardens
After singing the Yale song "Gaudeamus," we began our program with the Sanctus from Frank Martin's Mass for double choir. From its opening that evokes ringing church bells all the way through our first set—the 24-voice canon went smoothly!—the Glee Club's focus felt almost palpable to me. The intensity with which everyone committed to making beautiful, thought-provoking music was so exciting!

After intermission we enjoyed the Whiffs' set and patiently endured their ridicule of our eclectic program. Who could blame them for being a little insecure? Did any of their pieces begin with the tenors interrupting the director's address to the audience mid-sentence by breaking into pitched screams? Didn't think so.

In the second half we invited the Whiffs onstage again for "Raise Your Voices," which Jeff wrote for the Glee Club's 150th anniversary season last year, and the Football Medley. We closed, according to custom, with our alma mater, "Bright College Years." The alums in the audience stood along with us for the final handkerchief salute.

We headed off to our homestays full of post-concert glow. I couldn't believe how wonderfully everything had come together for an awesome concert—and I couldn't wait to do it again in LA!