Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Harvard-Yale 2011

Each year, the night before the big Game, the real Harvard-Yale battle takes place. This year, the fateful clash occurred in our own Woolsey Hall, with hundreds of alums and music lovers cheering on their school. There was no bloodshed (as in previous years...) but there was definitely excitement, chaos, betrayal, 24- part motets, displays of immense courage (particularly in conducting 24-part motets), world premiers, an overpowering performance of Shenandoah, bed sheets flying high above the Woolsey organ, and ultimately, reconciliation and lots of glee. Here are some scenes from the Harvard-Yale Glee Club Concert (Photos courtesy of T Sean Maher, Phyllis Thangaraj and Marisa Karchin)

The Yale Glee Club, performing under Jeff Douma

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people"

Yale and Harvard students hang out at the reception (Left)

President Claire Paulson sang in her Eli Yale verses, "We've been admiring your tuxes and your perfectly coiffed curls/ But I guess they weren't quite good enough to draw in any girls."

Student Conductor Andy Berry '12 conducts the Yale Glee Club singing Loch Lomond (Right)

'nuff said.

Alums and both glee clubs come 
together on stage to sing Fair Harvard and Bright College Years, the two schools' alma maters. 

Video of the Yale Glee Club performing
Qui Habitat by Josquin des Prez (right) and the Football Medley (below), thanks to Sean McCusker!