Sunday, June 12, 2011

Days 7-8: Denmark

Markus Boesl '14 on our concert in Copenhagen. Photo credit: Monica Qiu '11

Copenhagen, with its strategic location in the Baltic sea, has historically been an important point of contact between northern europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and the rest of Europe. It was for us, as well, a point of contact, sharing the stage with the Yale Spizzwinks in a beautiful concert at the Vor Freisers Kirke. Founded in 1914, the Spizzwinks are America’s oldest underclassmen a cappella group, performing hundreds of concerts around the world and delighting audiences with a repertoire that extends from popular numbers to spirituals to traditional Yale songs.

The resounding final notes of pieces echoed above Jeff’s outstretched hands as he waited for the reverberations to die down, not wasting a second.

But there was a far more interesting and exciting reason that this joint concert with the Spizzwinks was important. There are currently 7 Spizzwinks in the Glee Club. This concert was not only a wonderful celebration of cooperation among Yale groups, but the point at which Spizzwink tour ended and those seven joined the Glee Club for the rest of tour. The concert itself was a wonderful success, with the audience even demanding an encore (‘Neath the Elms, which we did from the back of the auditorium)

That evening, many Glee Clubbers went into the town to experience the unique music festival/street dance party/riot called “Distortion.” The streets were filled with blocks upon blocks of people and dozens of Deejays laying down some pretty rocking beats. All in all, Copenhagen was a blast, and not only because of the things lit on fire in the streets.