Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Officers, New Glee Clubbers, and Mahler!

This blog has been long overdue, but for those of you who haven't been following us on Facebook, this blog will fill you in on what's been going on these first few weeks of school, and what the Glee Club has been up to!

First things first, I'll introduce our new officer core!

President: Rachel Protacio
Manager: Ellie Killiam
Alumni Coordinator: Lisa Zhang
Archivists: Paul Styslinger and Kiri Van Lengen-Welty
International Tour Managers: Max Bryski and Marianna Gailus
Mini-Tour Managers: Emma Hathaway and Jane Strauch
Outreach Chairs: Alison Levosky and Dan Rubins
Publicity Chair: Victoria Pierre
Social Chairs: Ruthie Prillaman and Alex Turner
Stage Manager: Brooke Lamell
Wardrobe Manager: Zoya Afridi
Student Conductor: Scarlett Zuo
Assistant Conductor: Max Holman

As you can see, this year we've got quite a large group! We've also created two new positions, that of Alumni Coordinator and Mini-Tour Managers. It was decided at the end of last year that having someone deal specifically with alumni related issues and plan alumni events would be much more efficient than having the president do so. We also decided to have two Glee Clubbers specifically plan mini-tour, as opposed to having the president and manager plan it, as we did last year. Having a larger officer core in general also means that more students can participate in student leadership than ever before. In short, we're very excited for the year to come!

Next on the agenda is our new members! Although most of the new members are freshmen, we also have a good number of sophomores, and a few upperclassmen as well. It's never too late to join Glee! The new members have already added so much to the group, and I'm really loving our new sound. Our first performance as a group was last night when we performed Mahler's Second Symphony with the Yale Philharmonia and the Yale Camerata.

It. Was. Amazing.

Shinik Hahm, the conductor of the Yale Philharmonia, is such a talented conductor, and it really showed through in last night's performance. Being able to collaborate with such phenomenal music ensembles is one of the many privileges of being in the Glee Club, and we get to do it not just once, but throughout the entire year! Although our next few concerts are mostly a capella, there are definitely some more choral and orchestral works in the making, so be on the lookout!

Until next time!

With Glove,
Victoria Pierre